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photo : ayaka-rhapsody

A friend called Ayaka is like a witch to me. Jump, jump, step up and wonderful. It shows different facial expressions. Recently, I think. I wonder if my photo is maybe freer. It can not be a photo for shots or memories, but a photo to enjoy. At the same time free, independent of camera and lens performance. Then print it and look at it. I wonder if the original pleasure of photography is there.

So I took a photo of Ayaka Oku, a photographer from Shiga Prefecture in Japan as well as I, whom I met in Saarbrücken, as a model. The time for photoshooting was a bit, but I did what I could do. It’s the pictures of the winter of 2017.

The bottom four pictures show “the world spread over the photographer”. It is an image that was simultaneously taken face to face in the same place.