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“Nostalgic harmony ”

” (Nostalgic Harmony – not on the map)”

When I encounter the cityscape in Europe with its rural or medieval landscape, I feel like nostalgia. This landscape has not changed for decades or centuries. I feel like it’s the same picture from the Middle Ages. However, the current landscape, the road is paved, there is a colorful sign, the landscape has power lines, and the cars are running, so I imagine the appearance of this era.

And if I see medieval fortifications, old stone walls, stairs and garden lanes, I imagine, although there are no people here today, but there were plenty of people here, although today in the garden no more water flows, then flowed the water and there were flowers , At the same time, I think some people spend time here. Just sit, read books or revel in thoughts.

In this work series “Nostalgic harmony” I felt such nostalgia, made such a world with “impressionism PhotoArt”(EN) and expressed the time there. It is a fictitious place in a fictional era that is neither modern nor long ago. The natural tone of this “place not on the map”, the echo of the sound of the church bells in the distance, the fresh wind and the cold of the water, the relaxed flow of time, the emotions of the people there … if you feel the story in pictures, you can feel the medieval nostalgia and will spread a new color image in your mind.

(Hahnemuehle Matt FineART William Turner 310g/m2 A3)