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Photo : Impressionism PhotoArt (EN)

“Impressionism PhotoArt” is an image that creates a new world by overlaying multiple photos with multiple synthesis and software (Adobe Photoshop). These images are not realistic, but create an impressive world with blur and ambiguity due to the composition. Sometimes I feel that it resembles the Impressionist of paintings.

I also find that “Impressionism PhotoArt”, which overlay, are similar to images of orchestral music. Every photo is a musical instrument when it is said. For example, it’s a violin or a cello. Each instrument can play a melody as a solo. But everyone just plays, it just gives the impression that it has got mixed up. The picture is the same too. However, if you play with multiple notes while you are aware of tempo and rhythm by matching pitch and tone, you will see a different scene than playing solo. In this case, there are different ways and methods, the same applies to the superimposition of images. If you change the order and the composition type, there will be a harmony and a melody there.

Gallery “Nostalgic harmony”(EN) is also made with “Impressionism PhotoArt”.